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The survival kit that every Bride must have!

July 27, 2017

Pearl & Dot

A Wedding Day Survival Kit is an ABSOULTE must for your big day! On such a special day you want to be prepared for it all & trust us when we say you need to be prepared for EVERYTHING!. While we hope that you don't have any emergencies , we would like to prepare you just in case!

This would be ideal for the maid of honour to pack in a little bag for the bride, that can be easily accessed at all times. 

Here are some key items to include in your kit:

Deodorant - The bride will most likely be sweating a lot with nerves and excitement kicking in. We want her smelling fresh at all times! You can find the tiny travel size at several drug stores.

Breath mints / Gum- The bride is going to be talking to a lot of people & you want her ready for that special kiss.

Vitamin C Packets - These are great to mix in with the brides water if she's feeling like she needs that little boost.

Snacks - Granola bars are the perfect small snack in case the bride needs a little energy.

Tums / Aspirin - Great for that upset stomach on the big day.

Hair Spray - Keep all those stray hairs in place. 

Tissues - To dab away those happy tears.

Stain Remover - A tide-to-go pen is perfect for any spills that may happen.

Sewing Kit - To fix any loose ends or rips that may occur

Lip Balm / Lip Stick - Keep those lips plump & moisturized for that first kiss.

Static Guard - The dress may need a little spray!

Lint Roller - Awesome to get off that last minute lint or hair. 

Double Sided Tape - Perfect for those just-in-case slips.

A prepared bride is a happy bride!

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