Anais Anette

Classic beauty for a postmodern life.

Anais Anette gowns speak to a woman who needs no frame of reference for her own point of view. She exudes femininity, strength and independence in equal parts. She is unmoved by trends, and swept away by authenticity.

The Anais Anette perspective traces back to a pre-revolution era of eastern Europe. Suited to a modern eye, Anais Anette gowns are alive with hand- stitched detailing, architectural precision and old world antiquity. A wearable heirloom draped with the finest quality fabrics, appreciated for impeccable fit and symmetry. Every detail is placed with care, driven by an artist's uncompromising pursuit of flawlessness.

Sisters Magdalena and Karolina have a design ingenuity in their DNA that has been refined by four generations of dress-makers and seamstresses. Established in Toronto in 2013, the Anais Anette brand preserves the construction mastery of the sisters' Polish heritage, elevating it with a clean, contemporary design aesthetic.